How To Use Trivela Shot In FIFA 23

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Trivela shots in FIFA 23 seem to be having a strong impact this season, to an extent that the community is quite furious with it.

FIFA 23 brought many new features and changes for players to factor in when selecting their team and their play style. One is the Trivela Shot, a skillful pass where the footballer crosses the ball using the outside of his boot. This crafty move will put some spin on the ball, and it'll catch enemies off guard when they least expect it. So, now that you know the importance of this shot, it's best to get comfortable with how you'll be able to perform it.

In order to pull off a Trivela shot in FIFA 23, you need to:

Xbox Consoles: Hold LT and shoot.
PlayStation Consoles: Hold L2 and shoot.

It can be used as a shooting or crossing option, and if it is executed correctly, it can add a lot of bend to the ball, making it hard for defenders or goalkeepers to deal with.

Also, don't be afraid to apply enough power to the shot, as most Trivela shots are best used from a considerable distance. Last, due to how ineffective goalkeepers are at keeping this shot out of the net, you can utilize a Trivela with any player, even one with subpar shooting stats.

Now that you know how to use Trivela Shot in FIFA 23, you can take care of applying this mechanic. For more info about FIFA 23, please browse our game hub. What's more, you can buy fut 23 coins, which are cheap and safe!

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