Asian Games, North Korea’s Boxing Star Bang Cheol-mi

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Bang Cheol-mi, the 'face' of North Korean boxing, won the gold medal in the women's 54kg class at the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games, avenging the pain from five years ago.

[Asian Games] North Korea’s Boxing Star Bang Cheol-mi Wins Gold in the Women’s 54kg Class… Revenge of Defeat 5 Years Ago




Bang Cheol-mi is dissatisfied with the decision after losing in the 2018 Asian Games final... The police came too. 온라인카지노사이트

Bang Cheol-mi, the 'face' of North Korean boxing, won the gold medal in the women's 54kg class at the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games, avenging the pain from five years ago.

Bang Cheol-mi won a 3-2 decision over China's Chang Yuan in the women's 54kg boxing finals held at the Hangzhou Gymnasium in Zhejiang Province, China, on the afternoon of the 4th.

The scores given by the five judges were 27-28, 29-26, 29-26, 28-27, and 27-28.

The official height difference between Bang Cheol-mi (166 cm) and Chang Yu-win (165 cm) was only 1 cm, but because the opponent's reach was longer, Chang Yu-an always tried to dig in and engage in close combat.

Bang Cheol-mi kept her distance by continuously taking steps backwards, but when she attacked, she rushed forward at once and poured out a barrage of punches.

There was no leisurely game management, with each team desperately attacking the other, avoiding the opponent's punches and gradually accumulating points.

In the first round, Bang Cheol-mi was narrowly defeated with a total score of 47-48.

While Bang Cheol-mi was downed once, many referees ruled in favor of Chang Yuan, who aggressively broke through to make it 3-2.

However, from the second round, Bang Cheol-mi narrowed the distance and poured out repeated hits every time she rushed in, giving Chang Yuan little chance to counterattack.

As Chang Yuan, who had her guard up, was on the defensive, the judges gave a higher score to Bang Cheol-mi with a total score of 49-45 in the second round.

Four judges scored 10 points, indicating that Bang Cheol-mi had the upper hand.

Bang Cheol-mi, who maintained the offensive without letting go of the reins even in the fateful third round, won 49-46.

Chang Yuan also used his last strength and landed a few good hits into the empty space of Bang Cheol-mi's guard, but in the end, Bang Cheol-mi took the gold medal.

In the third round, the referee's decision was 4-1.

With this, Bang Cheol-mi washed away her regrets from the 2018 Jakarta-Palembang Asian Games.

The two athletes also faced each other in the women's 51kg class at a competition five years ago.

At that time, Chang Yuan won the decision 3-2.

However, Bang Cheol-mi, who thought she had a dominant performance, did not leave the ring even after the results were announced.

He sat down in the ring and took off his shoes.

The North Korean coach also entered the ring and protested strongly to the referee.

Even Indonesian police were dispatched.

When Bang Cheol-mi and her coach continued to protest in the ring despite the referee's restraint, the police came and took them out of the stadium.

Five years later, Bang Cheol-mi, who finally achieved revenge, expressed her joy by running straight to the coach in the corner when victory was declared.

Bang Cheol-mi, who smiled and pointed to the press conference room with her hand when asked about her thoughts on winning in the joint reporting area, did not actually appear at the conference room.

Bang Cheol-mi defeated Korea's Lim Ae-ji (Hwasun County Office) in the round of 16 of this tournament, and defeated Nguyen Thi Ngoc Tran (Vietnam) and Nigina Uktamova (Uzbekistan) in the quarterfinals and semifinals.

All wins were unanimous decisions of the judges.

Bang Cheol-mi, a member of the Geumgangsan Sports Team, was the winner of the women's 51kg class at the 2019 Asian Championships, and also took the top spot at the 'Republic Championships' in North Korea last year.

The expectations placed on him by the North Korean sports community are so high that he was selected as one of North Korea's 'Top 10 Best Players' in 2018, 2021, and 2022.

At the opening ceremony of this competition held on the 23rd of last month, Park Myeong-won, a shooter, served as North Korea's flag bearer.

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