Cyclist Kim Jeong-bin, First Gold Medal for Disabled AG

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National disabled cyclist Kim Jeong-bin (Sports Grade MB) won the first gold medal for the Korean team

Cyclist Kim Jeong-bin, first gold medal for disabled AG… We ran with one mind



Collaboration with competition partner Yoon Jung-heon for the first gold medal for the Korean team.

National disabled cyclist Kim Jeong-bin (Sports Grade MB) won the first gold medal for the Korean team

A the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Para Games with his competition partner Yoon Jung-heon (Jeonbuk Disabled Cycling Federation).

Kim Jeong-bin and Yoon Jung-heon competed against Malaysia's Wahab Mohd Khairul Hazwan-Rasol in the finals of the men's blind cycling (MB) 4,000m individual pursuit held at the Velodrome at the Chun'an Jeshou Sports Center in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China on the 23rd.

He won the championship by defeating Muhammad Khairul Adha Joe.

Earlier, Kim Jeong-bin set a new competition record with a time of 4 minutes 32.549 seconds in the preliminaries held this morning, signaling an early victory.

The cycling individual pursuit final is held in such a way that the 1st and 2nd place preliminaries start on opposite sides of the 250m track

And when one athlete passes the other, the gold and silver medals are immediately decided.

Hajwan gained momentum by setting a fast lap time at the beginning of the race. 카지노사이트탑

Hajwan had a first lap time of 21.032 seconds and a second lap time of 15.521 seconds, closely following Kim Jeong-bin, who recorded 23.633 and 16.138 seconds, respectively.

Kim Jeong-bin accelerated from the third lap and overtook Hajwan's record on the fourth lap.

Compared to Kim Jeong-bin, who consistently maintained a lap time of 16 seconds for 4 to 6 laps.

Hazwan's lap time gradually slowed to 18 seconds, 19 seconds, and 20 seconds.

Kim Jeong-bin covered the 1,625m mark in 1 minute 52.957 seconds and immediately overtook Hajwan, and the race ended as is.

The tandem cycle in which Kim Jeong-bin participated was disabled.

It is an event in which a non-disabled athlete and a non-disabled athlete form a pair.

The non-disabled athlete (pilot) in the front operates the steering wheel and pedals, while the disabled athlete riding in the back only pedals.

The two players pedaled hard in unison from the preliminaries, giving the Korean team its first gold medal.

Kim Jeong-bin was diagnosed with retinitis pigmentosa when he was in middle school.

His eyesight gradually declined, but he did not fall into despair.

He ran cross-country at the welfare center.

He strengthened his mind and body by doing various sports such as biathlon and weightlifting, and fell in love with the charm of cycling, even wearing the Taegeuk symbol.

He built his confidence by winning the road solo race at the Asian Championship held in Thailand this year.

Achieved his dream by winning a surprise gold medal at the Asian Games on this day.

Kim Jung-bin will attempt to win his second gold medal in the 1,000m road solo race held at the same venue on the 24th.

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