Disabled AG's Spirit of Korean Shooting Swept Gold and Silver

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Disabled AG's spirit of Korean shooting swept gold and silver, "It's a shame we couldn't sweep it all."

Disabled AG's spirit of Korean shooting swept gold and silver, "It's a shame we couldn't sweep it all."



Lee Jang-ho wins gold and Park Jin-ho wins silver at his first Asian Games for the Disabled... Kim Soo-wan ranked 4th.

"I was at the bottom of the (leadership table), and as I came up, I saw the three of us in 1st to 3rd place together.

I'm happy that I won a medal in the end.

It’s a shame I couldn’t sweep it all away."

Reporters in the common coverage area after the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Para Games Shooting R1 (SH1 Men's 10m Air Rifle Entrance) award ceremony held at the Puyang Inhu Sports Center in Hangzhou, China on the 23rd.

Silver medalist Park Jin-ho (Sports Grade SH1, Cheongju City Hall), who met with, uttered his first words with regret.

Lee Jang-ho (Sports Grade SH1, Cheongju City Hall), who reached the top of Asia for the first time in his life, also said, “The three of us together.

“I thought I would be in the medal zone, but I am also very disappointed,” he said.

The Korean Para Shooting Team finished 1st and 2nd in the shooting R1 finals on this day, with Lee Jang-ho shooting a total of 244.6 points and Park Jin-ho shooting a total of 244.5 points.

Won the top spot.  카지노사이트킹

However, Suwan Kim (Sports Grade SH1, Gyeongnam Sports Association for the Disabled), who maintained 3rd place after the two until the 18th leg, was defeated by China's Dongchao by 0.2 points in the 19th shot and failed to sweep the medals.

From the middle of the game, the '34-year-old youngest member' steadily shook off the chase and maintained the lead.

Lee Jang-ho said, “Korean players’ scores are very high even at our training center.

Since we always compete with each other, it helped us a lot in the finals,” and the secret to becoming a “shooting powerhouse.” explained.

Park Jin-ho also said, “The level of Korean players is high, and the selection competitions and domestic national competitions are very fierce,” and pointed out, “That’s competitiveness.”

Korean player The scene of a family fight, reminiscent of real-life training, was a fierce battle in which the winner of the medal was decided by 0.1 points.

Park Jin-ho was sluggish at the beginning of the finals, but quickly jumped up to second place from the 13th leg and joined the fight for the lead. I did.

He said, "I haven't been feeling very well since last night.

I woke up in the morning and my fever was over 38 degrees.

I took two Tylenol.

“I ran after eating once,” he said.

“I decided to see just one foot properly (target) until I got it.

After I saw that one foot, I was able to follow without making a mistake,” he said, looking back on the game. I saw it.

Lee Jang-ho also said, “I was very nervous today.

Due to the nature of our disability (spinal cord disorder), it was difficult to adjust to sleep after coming to Hangzhou, so I slept and woke up all night.”

He said, “My eyes are tired, and the fact that I was exhausted from the World Championships in Peru last month also affected my performance.”

Eight medals (3 gold) at the Asian Para Games alone.

Lee Jang-ho, who beat his senior Park Jin-ho, who holds , added, "I will use this competition as a stepping stone to become a player who grows even better."

The two athletes who colored the first day of Korean Para Shooting with gold and silver will be on the 25th.

Aiming at the golden target again in the mixed shooting R3 (SH1 men's 10m air rifle copy).

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