To Build Your Own Play to Earn Multi-level Racing Game like MotoDex

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MotoDEX Clone Script is a ready-made multi-level racing NFT game clone script that has all the essential and advanced features and plug-ins of MotoDEX P2E Game.

MotoDex Clone Script:

Enter the world of MotoDex clone script, a turnkey solution meticulously designed to mirror the features and functionalities of groundbreaking blockchain games like MotoDEX. MotoDEX is an exhilarating blockchain-powered gaming experience where enthusiasts engage in high-stakes motorcycle racing competitions. At Hivelance, we extend our expertise in blockchain game development to present this ready-made MotoDEX clone script, providing a sophisticated solution ready for swift deployment to propel your entry into the fiercely competitive gaming market.

Exploring MotoDex:

MotoDEX heralds a new era of innovation in digital gaming. This cutting-edge platform enables users to train riders, compete in thrilling motorcycle races, and conquer fast-paced courses. With a myriad of opportunities for revenue generation, participants can earn tangible US dollars as rewards for conquering each stage. Engage consistently for just seven weeks, and you'll witness the exciting transformation of your initial game investment into a delightful profit.

The Need for a MotoDex Clone:

In the realm of NFT games, MotoDEX clone stands out, offering players an immersive experience in multi-level motorcycle racing on high-speed tracks, presenting endless possibilities for enthusiasts. The game's popularity in the NFT market is driven by its distinct advantages.

Simplicity in Character Selection and Gameplay:

Enthusiasts of vintage racing simulators are captivated by the straightforward plot, heart-pounding high-speed racing, and vibrant settings.

Secure Financial Transactions via Smart Contracts:

The use of smart contracts ensures the protection of financial transactions. The algorithm automatically tracks, updates, and generates players' funds, guaranteeing transparency and honesty through blockchain technology.

Smart Contract Benefits for Pioneering MotoDEX Buyers:

Early investors are rewarded with an automatic price increase for new characters, offering a strategic advantage in monetizing game progress.

Dynamic Game Economy Boosting NFT Object Prices:

The algorithm mandates a consistent rise in the value of in-game items, with the cost of tracks and characters increasing with each new scale.

High Liquidity and Potential for Remarkable Returns:

Early adopters have the opportunity to invest more at the project's inception, leading to high liquidity and the potential for substantial returns.

Monetizing MotoDEX Clone:


In MotoDEX clones, the primary objective is to cross the finish line swiftly, resulting in NFT earnings through avatars, health capsules, and tracks:

Avatars: Classic NFT characters released on smart contracts, available for purchase or sale. The NFT object's value rises with each new purchase, and a portion of competition wagers is distributed to character owners.

Health Capsules: Used to replenish player life, with prices rising by 0.1% with each new sale.

Tracks: Limited edition tracks, sold on smart contracts, with prices increasing by 10% with each new sale. Tournaments on tracks generate revenue for track owners.

Why Choose Hivelance for MotoDEX Clone Script?

Hivelance, with its extensive experience in NFT game development and a robust international clientele, emerges as the preferred choice. Our team, boasting a decade of expertise in Fintech applications, ensures client satisfaction and project completion within budget and timelines. The MotoDEX clone script, an exact replica of the renowned NFT game MotoDEX, integrates all the capabilities of its predecessor. Entrepreneurs can embark on their play-to-earn gaming journey with confidence using this pre-packaged solution from Hivelance.


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