Coinbase not working- Is it down? Are my funds safe?

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The existence of Coinbase can be traced back to the year 2012 with the release of the first few cryptocurrencies in the marketplace.

Since then, millions of users have joined this platform and have been using it without any problem. The platform keeps on releasing updates to its web exchange as well as the mobile app to fix any technical glitches or bugs. 

However, despite their constant efforts, the platform sometimes could land you in a troublesome situation. Among several other issues, Coinbase not working is one of the most commonly faced problems of all time.  

Hence, we'll be addressing this problem of the users right here in this article so that you can start using coinbase not working once more. In the upcoming sections of this read, we'll be taking a look at the general reasons that might have resulted in the issue and the solutions that could help you in getting rid of them. 

But, first, let's check if Coinbase is down. 

Is Coinbase Down? 

When Coinbase is down, you may not be able to perform any operations through your account and you will constantly get an error referring to Coinbase not working. Or, you will come across an error message stating that "We're having Connection Issues- We're looking into it right, please quit the app and try again. Your funds are safe.

If, while working with Coinbase, you also get such an error message, then you should understand the fact that Coinbase is currently down or its platform might be undergoing maintenance. But, in this situation as well, you do not need to get worried because your funds are safe with them and you can access them as and when needed as soon as the platform gets operational once again. 

Now that you have understood, Coinbase might not work when it's down, so let's move ahead and take a look at some other possible reasons that could be leading to the Coinbase not working issue. 

Why is Coinbase not working? Know the reasons 

  • Coinbase is down for maintenance 

As said already, Coinbase might be down for maintenance and this is the core reason why it has become non-operational for some time. 

  • Problem with device or internet connection 

When there is a minor or major issue ongoing with the device through which you are using Coinbase, then you will face issues while using this platform. In addition to that, if there is an issue with the internet connection, then also it will result in such issues. 

  • Your Coinbase app is outdated 

If you are using the Coinbase exchange through its mobile application, then you might face some issues with it in case you ignored installing the app updates. 

Ways to fix general issues related to server or connectivity

  • Solve internet-related issues 

The first thing that you need to do when facing the Coinbase not working issue is to check the speed of the internet connection on your device and you can also switch from a Wi-Fi connection to a wired connection or vice versa. 

  • Wait, if Coinbase servers are down 

When Coinbase is down, you cannot do anything but wait for the issue to get resolved or you may also check their social media handles to know when they will resume their services. 

  • Delete cache and cookies 

Please go to the browser settings on your device and select the given options to clear the cache and cookies. Further, you can try to log into your account once again and see if it works. 

  • Use a different browser or update the app 

If there is a problem with the web browser you are using, then you should switch to any other browser or you may also try to install the latest Coinbase app version. 

Ways to fix Coinbase login issues 

At times Coinbase not working issues may also arise while you try to access your account. So, here are a few steps you can take to eliminate those issues:

  • Verify the login credentials 

Feeding incorrect or misspelled login details should be avoided. 

  • Opt for password reset 

In case the platform is not accepting your password and you are facing a Coinbase not working issue even after feeding the correct login details, then you must use the "Forgot password" option on the login screen to reset your password. 

  • Get in touch with Coinbase Support 

If you are unable to get back into your account after following all these steps, you must get in touch with the support team and explain the whole scenario. 

Ways to fix trading or transaction-related issues 

If your Coinbase not working issue is related to the transaction you are trying to make, then you should do the following:

  • Check the transaction status and look for specific errors 
  • Make sure that you have sufficient funds in your account to carry out the trade 
  • Review the limits of the transaction you are making and then reinitiate the process


In this tutorial, we have taken a look at the major reasons that tell us why Coinbase is not working. After looking at the reasons, we tried to provide you with the necessary steps you need to follow to get the issue fixed. If there is an issue at your end, you must take these steps at the earliest to avoid loss of funds. On the other hand, if it is an issue with the platform, then you can simply wait till their website becomes operational. 

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