How to Find an App Developer for your Startup?

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Building a startup is tough and it is tougher if you’re doing it for the first time. As an entrepreneur you may have wondered how to find an App developer for your startup fast. Someone who shares your excitement and vision.

Building a startup is tough and it is tougher if you’re doing it for the first time. As an entrepreneur you may have wondered how to find an App developer for your startup fast. Someone who shares your excitement and vision.

Exploring options is a good investment of time because things can go wrong if you don’t have the right developer.

I’m sure you have already heard and read a lot about this topic, and probably ended up finding yourself flustered.

There are chances you may be familiar with the technical aspects of app development. You’ll need to balance your tech-skill requirements, budget, and the time available to find the developers. That’s of course after you decide how many developers you need and the engagement model. Follow this by deciding the region you want to source from and domain expertise.

How to find an App Developer for In-house or Outsourced App development?

Imagine a team of devoted app developers working their hearts out. Brainstorming ideas, improvising, and working on the minutest of details to achieve perfection. An in-house team your competitors envy. Your startup dream becoming a reality under your direct supervision.

Find In-house App Developers
To dispel any misconceptions, ‘in-house’ does not mean ‘in-office’. In-house means within the company. Therefore, you can have a completely remote in-house team! (a trend accelerated by the pandemic and still in vogue.)

In-house app developers will join your existing startup team. They will become a part of your growing organisation. In-house developers work closely with your other team members on a day-to-day basis. As an entrepreneur, you can oversee their functioning and reorient their efforts any time.

You ill need to treat your in-house developers like your employees, providing them with benefits, perks, insurance covers, etc. You can exercise complete control over the app development process owing to easier communication, flexibility, and adaptability.

Find an App Developer in an Outsourcing Agency
Outsourcing app development means hiring an individual/s or an organization to carry out app development without joining your organization. You will be contracting third-party app developers or an app development agency. The contractors will use their human and technical resources to develop your app.

While outsourcing app development, you have limited control and influence over app developers. There’s no scope for overseeing their day-to-day work.

The outsourced project is often divided into assignments. Each assignment carries detailed specifications of work you expect to be accomplished. Project specifications, deadlines, and task details matter more than discussions and flow of ideas.

The chief aim of outsourcing is to hire specialists with experience and necessary skills that your app’s development demands. These specialists may be programmers contacted through social media, app developers found on freelance platforms, or specialist app development agencies.

Outsourcing to Freelancers
43% of US startups rely on freelancers. Freelance app developers come in handy when you have to plug the skill gap and don’t have time for hiring. For example, your frontend team has a JavaScript expert, but you need an HTML expert. Urgently and for short-term!

There’s no dearth of sources to find freelance app developers. Many talented app developers offer their services freelance to enjoy greater freedom, earning opportunities, and exposure. Freelance app developers can create fresh apps or carry out app maintenance tasks at low rates. Many startups opt for freelance experts for bug-fixing and UI testing.

Outsourcing to Agencies
Outsourcing to agencies means contracting a third-party to develop your startup’s app. For startups, outsourcing mostly means Offshoring Outsourcing. The app development agency will assemble and provide the human and technical resources for app development.

When startups outsource app development to an offshore location, they do that to benefit from the lower developer charges.

How to finding an App Developer on Social Media

LinkedIn can be a good place to hire an app developer for your startup. As a professional networking building platform, it helps you connect and interact with individuals based on their industry and profession. That makes it a decent choice to hunt freelancers.

Reddit is a networking website, social media, and a mini-search engine, all rolled together as an online forum. Well, you knew it, but we mentioned that to outline its potential to find an app developer.

GitHub is an open-source code repository platform with millions of users. All of them developers! It’s a great way to source professional and hobbyist app developers for your startup.

It will take some time and effort to find an app developer for your startup on GitHub. However, it can be very rewarding. Especially if you or someone in your startup team is comfortable with technical terms.

Stack Overflow is a QA forum-style website for coders. Programmers post questions expecting to get help from fellow-programmers. A great place to find expert developers!


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