Land Rover Repair and Service Specialists in Denver

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Looking for the most trusted repair service for your European vehicle? Learn more here, schedule your service with Auto Imports of Denver.

AutoImports of Denver has extensive experience in Land Rover Repair and service. We have the technical knowledge, factory-grade service tools, and factory-trained staff who can service and conduct precise diagnostics of your vehicle.


We have an international list of partners from whom we source genuine parts for European vehicles. This is how we can procure even the rarest of parts quickly and at competitive prices.


We have three decades of experience and thousands of happy customers, through which our expertise has spanned through to every model of European vehicle. We understand the strengths and weaknesses of your car and can address all issues effectively. Our customers value our services, a fact that sets us apart from our competitors.


You Don't Need a Franchise Dealership

You don't need a franchise dealership to service your car. Any licensed workshop will do as long as all the work is carried out as per the manufacturer's specifications by certified mechanics using genuine parts only. At AutoImports of Denver, our Land Rover Repair and service includes:


●    ABS Service and Repair

●    A/C and Cooking System Service and Repair

●    Wheel Alignment

●    Brake System Service and Repair

●    Clutch Repair

●    Diesel Engine Services

●    Drive Shaft and Axle Services

●    Electrical Systems Diagnostics and Repairs

●    Engine Diagnostics

●    Engine Repairs Replacements

●    Exhaust System Muffler Service

●    Fuel System Services

●    Pre-Purchase Inspections

●    Steering System Maintenance

●    Suspension Repair

●    Transmission Diagnostics, Service Repair

●    Tire Services


So the bottom line here is that you don't need to pay exorbitant amounts to service your car. Instead, you can entrust it to a specialist dealer alternative like AutoImports of Denver. We care for your car and pay for its long-term performance.


Call (303) 762-1855 to book a service with us or carry out repairs in your Land Rover. 

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