Ways to identify a legitimate MetaMask extension

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When you visit a website with MetaMask, it acts as a flag on the site that makes it easy to make purchases or send funds. This article will give you an overview of the MetaMask extension and how you can use it.

Identifying the legitimacy of the extension you are opting to carry out your crypto trade activities has become important in this world where the involvement of scammers and hackers is increasing rapidly. One of the practices that is adopted by the scammers is that they make duplicate software that if installed by the investors can bring adverse results. Thus, learning the ways of checking the authenticity of the extension has become significant. 

To help you in this task, we are hereby covering the crucial information relating to how you can verify if a
Download MetaMask Extension is legitimate or not. 

Eager to know how?

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MetaMask extension- a quick take

MetaMask extensions are developed to add functionality to the existing browser that the investors are using or to modify them. It has been recorded that investors secure great trading opportunities when they operate trade through extension. The statement supporting this benefit is that through extensions investors get an opportunity to explore, interact, and integrate with several dApps existing in the market. Further, they get a comprehensive picture of the market fluctuations that leave an impact on the crypto trade and might even influence the decision of the traders. 

Investors need to pay heed to the legitimacy of all the web browser extensions that are supported by MetaMask. There are five extensions that are launched and they are as namely:

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Brave, and
  • Opera 

Tips to verify the legitimacy of the MetaMask extension

A couple of simple measures that will help you in identifying the authenticity of the extension are:

  • Check the namespace of the MetaMask extension you are running
  • Review the integrity of the file you are running
  • Check if the “Extension Content Verification” flag is enabled
  • Disable the setting of the remote access tool from your operating device, (if enabled by you)
  • Scroll down the reviews at the time of installation
  • Pay heed to the permission asked by the extension
  • Install an extension from the official website of MetaMask
  • Go through the review section before installation

Additional Practices

  • Learn about the malicious browser extensions
  • Stay vigilant of the risks associated with enabling the developer mode on your browser
  • Stay informed of the regular updates made by MetaMask

Final Verdict

MetaMask extension no doubt provides users with amazing trade opportunities, but on the other hand, they are also prone to high risk on which special attention is to be paid. A lack of knowledge of the hacking events and the practices adopted by scammers can trouble investors. Thus, through this read, we have tried to help you better understand how you can verify whether the extension picked up by you is legitimate or not. In addition to this, the safest way of installing an extension is by approaching the official website of MetaMask. 

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