Everything just happened in front of u

Everything just happened in front of u Everything just happened in front of u


Everything just happened in front of us. That kind of despair makes them feel fear from the heart, finally in the arrival of Qin Tian, that kind of expectation is full of joy, no one thought that Wanhua Tianzong can survive all because of outsiders, and they did nothing. Gratitude comes naturally. This moment. Qin Tian is the hero in the eyes of all the female disciples of Wanhua Tianzong, except Wang Jin, of course. When the time comes, he will be able to kill the Shura Temple in one fell swoop and kill Luo Yan directly. Moreover. There are many disciples of the Halloween Sect, which shows that the number of godhood is huge. To have godhood is to have infinite energy. Meng Lei and others can practice with godhood, so that they can all grow up. Looking at Yu Yu's face slightly changed, Qin Tian immediately said, "Wan Shengtian Zong will definitely organize the army again. What do you want to do next?" "Eh?" Yu Yu was stunned. In the heart immediately went to Qin Tian to avoid the topic of cloud man is for the whole Wanhua Tianzong, deeply moved, then restored the usual look,push back racking system, frowned, and then looked at the square in a mess. She didn't know what to do next. She really can't bear it. The huge Wanhua Peak was bombarded by the divine cannon? Apart from the square, there is not even a clean place. I don't even know where to sleep at night. What to do? How to resist?. kingmoreracking.com