Everything just happened in front of u

Everything just happened in front of u Everything just happened in front of u


In fact, she did not sleep, her eyes were open, her thick eyelashes made a row of subtle shadows on her face, whether she opened or closed her eyes, the hickey on her chest seemed to be engraved in her eyes, lingering, "What's the use of caring?"? Nan Yejue, you are used to this kind of extravagant life. What's wrong with having a woman throwing herself into your arms? Isn't that what you're used to in that circle? You don't care, why should I care, she has already made a thing on you, south night jue, you are not also very cooperative? With these traces, he came back in a grand manner. No matter how she and Nanyejue were together, Rong En was very disgusted with the game of dealing with several women at the same time. South night jue didn't expect to be seen by her, he thought, at most these days he still sleep in his second bedroom, wait for the traces to fade back, to lure the woman is not like a stalker, this matter he can hide the past, but did not expect, things are often so unexpected. Can't you see what I've done to you these months? I told you, it was an accident last night. I was drunk and I got up like this. Rong En doesn't want to quarrel with him, some quarrels are too weak, it's better to close your eyes and rest. South night jue said finally shut his mouth, even if he is good to her, but all the good add up, there is no accident to the important, to want to leave him a little bit of good in the heart of Rong En, really can be said to be arduous, but this stain, but it is easy to be remembered in her heart. When he came back,Rotating sludge scraper, he asked Ah yuan to check it. Last night's wine glasses were all taken away. According to the waiter at that time, they all drank too much, and there was nothing unusual. Nan Yejue was sensitive by nature, and Jane did not take the opportunity to make any request, perhaps he really drank too much, even so, he still let Ah yuan secretly check her background. Nan Yejue could not move when he slept, and Rong En slept next to the edge of the bed, leaving a large gap in the middle of the big bed, and it was not a problem to squeeze in another person. When I woke up in the morning, Nan Yejue had a good sleep in the middle of the night because he had taken medicine, and he was still squinting. Rong En wanted to go out to buy something to send to his mother, so he did not wake him up, but told Wang Ling to let her take medicine for Nan Yejue on time. Came to the commercial street by car, although more than once Nanyejue let her learn to drive by herself, or specially sent her a car, Dissolved Gas Flotation ,filter nozzle, but Rong En did not like it, she most of the time, or by bus. She never felt that there was anything different from others. When she entered the store, winter was coming soon. She was going to buy an air conditioner for her mother that day, but she didn't want to put it off until today. Choose a dual-function, the price is not very expensive, Rong En took out the bank card to the counter to pay the bill, this is the south night jue to her, usually to the south night jue to do the list, the commission is all in this card. When I went out, the sunshine was just right, slanting down along the huge billboard, which made me feel lazy and didn't even want to open my eyes. There was a tea restaurant on the side, and Rong En felt tired of shopping, so he went in and chose a window seat to sit down. She ordered a cup of milk tea, just sat down soon, saw Chen Qiao hurried in, Rong En just remembered to say hello, the other party went up to the second floor. He looked in a hurry and went straight into the box without squinting. Rong En didn't take it seriously. Only ten minutes later, she saw a woman wearing big sunglasses and a wide-brimmed hat coming to the tea restaurant. She lowered her head and wore very simple jeans with a small coat. She walked up the stairs, and her delicate chin was almost buried in the collar. But even so, Rong En recognized her. It was Si Man. How could she appear in such a busy city after those photos circulated crazily on the Internet? Chapter 94 the other side of men. Rong En put down the cup, just feel wet and greasy hands, want to go to the second floor to wash her hands, she picked up the bag, this tea restaurant decoration is elegant and simple, the windows are classical carving skills, wearing a cheongsam waiter all have a good figure, sweet smile, Rong En came to the bathroom, came out, through the corridor, heard a quarrel in the box at the end. Although he tried to suppress it, Siman's voice came through the crack in the door that was not completely closed. Rong En came to the door, fingers gently pushed open the door, leaving a narrow gap, Chen Qiao and Si Man sat face to face, the latter took off his hat, but still wearing glasses. Tell me, what exactly did you give Yan Yue to eat? Chen Qiao drank the newly brewed tea slowly. He put the teacup back on the table. "That day, Yue was shot but couldn't be sent to the hospital. You found the private doctor. I just sent him some imported painkillers. Didn't the doctor say anything?" "Chen Qiao, don't lie to me." Si Man's voice was hysterical. She put her hands on the table and clenched them into fists. "Painkillers are not dependent. Now, it's so serious that you can't sleep if you don't eat for a day. These days, his company's affairs are handed back to Uncle Yan, and he's getting more and more haggard. What did you give him to eat? !” "I told you, but you don't believe it, so you'll know if you take him to the hospital for a check-up?" Si Man's voice was hoarse. She knew very well that she had given Yan Yue the so-called painkillers at the beginning. If there was anything, it would be completely unclear. Besides, the reports about Yan Yue's drug abuse were slowly subsiding now. If there was any news at this time, the man she loved deeply would not have a chance to turn over. You don't have to quibble, Chen Qiao. "Siman has given the last few pills to the private doctor today,Belt Filter Press, just waiting for the report in the evening." I will know if it's a painkiller. When the time comes, if you really lied to me, I won't let you go. " 。 khnwatertreatment.com