Using gps temperature monitoring device to realize vehicle anti-theft tracking and positioning

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gps temperature monitoring device

gps temperature monitoring device is the use of its small size, long standby time, high positioning accuracy, to achieve vehicle anti-theft, improve vehicle safety factor.

1.24 hours real-time positioning:

Car GPS positioning, its anti-theft system belongs to the network anti-theft device, is an active monitoring anti-theft device, GPS satellite tracking system enables the vehicle to be monitored 24 hours a day, including driving position, speed, direction and other information. Real-time display of vehicle status.

2. Alarm level:

Relying on the wireless communication network, the intelligent connection between the mobile phone and the car, the realization of anti-theft alarm and memory function, is not limited by distance, the network coverage is wide, even if the car is thousands of miles away, the owner can also monitor the GPS monitoring platform in real time, master all driving conditions, If the remote vibration of the gps temperature monitoring device is bad, the alarm message will be triggered immediately to remind the owner, keep the vehicle intact in time, and take protective measures according to the actual situation.

3. Remote power off:

The core technology of ACC anti-theft is that it can be remotely controlled and locked into the car's energy system, and even if someone gets their hands on your car keys, they won't be able to remove the car in time and keep it safe.

4. Remove alarm:

If the GPS anti-theft device is illegally removed, an alarm will be issued, and the owner can arrange it in time, even if the vehicle is stolen, we can use its GPS positioning function to control the direction of the vehicle and help the public safely find the vehicle in a short time.

In gps temperature monitoring device technology, real-time monitoring of vehicle position, remote oil cut-off, alarm and track playback functions are the most commonly used, the most practical and the most secure anti-theft functions, choosing a number of devices that can both locate and prevent theft is the most important protection of your car. It is safe and reliable, adding more convenient services to your travel.

gps temperature monitoring device

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