The Benefits of Organic Shikakai Powder Unveiled

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Many ayurvedic herbs have been used in India over the years and shikakai happens to be one of them. It is known to all of us that this wonder herb is beneficial for our hair.

Shikakai is known to provide us with a calming effect which is applicable for the skin as well. We often suffer from certain skin ailments such as psoriasis and eczema. The beneficial thing is that shikakai powder can play an essential role in treating these types of conditions successfully. Also, because of the anti-inflammatory attributes of shikakai, it can help us to get rid of redness and itchiness on our skin.

Fight against free radicals

At times we have to struggle against free radicals that can damage our skin to a great extent. The good thing is that the presence of antioxidants in shikakai powder can help combat free radicals effectively. Free radicals can be responsible for causing acne, fine lines, and other unwanted stuff. Fortunately, shikakai is rich in the content of Vitamin C which can protect our skin by combating free radicals.

Treat scabies

It will be possible to safeguard ourselves from conditions such as scabies with the help of organic shikakai powder. For this, all you need to do is to soak turmeric in warm water and form a paste by grinding it. Shikakai pods have to be burned till they become black, and then you have to make a powder by grinding them. Blend the shikakai powder and turmeric along with some milk. Use the stuff in the form of a body wash after straining it.

Improve the texture of the skin

If we want to improve the texture of our skin then shikakai will be the ideal solution for it. For this, we need to mix shikakai with honey or yogurt. Shikakai is rich in Vitamins A, C, as well as E which aid in nourishing the epidermis. In this way, we will get a skin with much better texture. 

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