What are 100l column type spirit Distillers?

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First of all, what are the 100l column type spirit distillers?

1. Ion exchanger

2. Electrodialyzer

3, ultrafilter (ultrafiltration membrane equipment)

Ion exchanger is a device commonly used in water treatment at present, which can make water or desalt by selecting a certain process. It mainly uses some ion exchangers to temporarily fix the unwanted ions in the raw water, so that the content of these ions in the water is reduced to the required degree. The ions held by the exchanger are released in the liquid and the exchanger can be reused. That is to say, its essence is the physical and chemical reaction between the insoluble electrolyte and another electrolyte in the solution, that is, the exchange reaction between the exchangeable ions on the resin and other same-sex ions in the solution.

Electrodialyzer, as a new technology of separation, concentration, purification and recovery, is widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, food and other industries. The application in the food industry is currently mainly focused on the purification of soda water and beer water, and it is used to soften water in soft drink factories. Electrodialysis technology is through the selective permeability and good conductivity of ion exchange membrane, under the action of external direct current electric field, according to the principle of opposites attract and homosexuals repulsion, so that raw water baryin, cation through the anion exchange membrane and cation exchange membrane to achieve purification.

Although the ultrafiltration technology of ultrafilter started late in China, it has developed very rapidly, and with the continuous promotion of this technology and the continuous improvement of people's understanding of it, the beverage production industry will certainly gain more benefits from it.

Ultrafiltration membrane equipment has several different forms in industrial applications, such as flat plate, tube, spiral plate and hollow fiber. At present, most of the domestic applications are plate and tube, especially hollow fiber membrane has also been widely used in water treatment.

100l column type spirit distiller https://www.hzzjde.com/Liquor_distillation/500L_spirit_multifunction_distiller.html

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