Australia's Finest Attractive Multi-Flavor IGET BAR

Order IGET king vapes at competitive prices and gets them delivered to your doorstep in Australia. You can get this high-quality IGET king disposable vape quickly.


Dispensable vaporizers are turning out to be progressively stylish nowadays and are being purchased and liked by a great many people, particularly in Australia. The as of late sent off IGET brand has turned into the most famous brand today with an extensive variety of expendable vapes.

Iget has 10 unique choices for dispensable trandy vapes, the most famous of which is the Vapes IGET bar. It is accessible with 1500 mAh battery and contains just 5% Energizer/50 mg/ml Energizer. The IGET bar is the most ideal choice for smokers and those on a low spending plan. Since individuals who smoke in it likewise get 3500+ puffs, which can be ingested for nearly 30 days without charging.

Extraordinary Highlights of IGET Bar 3500+

The IGET Bar is a gadget for recreation vaping, 3500 puff made of light 304 Hardened Steel, giving agreeable hand feeling. With astonishing flavors and a huge limit, the IGET Bar will show up for at whatever point you want it.

Size: 41.2mm x 19.5mm x 94.5mm

1500mAh battery

50mg Energizer strength

Up to 3500 puffs

Prefilled with 12ml of e-juice

1.1ω Lattice Loop

25 Flavors

Minimized, Light, and Convenient

Best Appealing Multi-enhanced IGET BAR Australia

The IGET BAR accessible in 25 flavors at IVapeMan in Australia in just $35. We are presenting some IGET BAR Flavors,all of them are stylish.


The IGET Bar Pineapple Ice is straight new delicious pineapples with a cold menthol finish, with astounding flavors and a huge limit, the IGET Bar will show up for at whatever point you really want it. if it's not too much trouble, accept that the item will bring you in excess of 3500 puffs for a superb vaping.

IGET BAR and Lavish ICE

The Lavish Ice IGET Bar includes a reviving watermelon flavor, that you will be in a fantasy like state with each puff you take. you such euphoria that you will not have the option to put it down, truly kick off your taste buds.


The Blueberry Ice IGET Bar is an ideal mix of tart blueberry pleasantness with a cold, invigorating menthol finish.

IGET BAR Blueberry ice is an incredible decision for menthol darlings who need a natural product flavor experience that isn't unnecessarily sweet.

IGET BAR and Twofold APPLE

The Twofold Apple IGET Bar is Fresh and Tart. The flavor could be depicted as striking with a sweet-tart flavor and a smidgen of sweet zest.

This likewise guarantees to keep the first flavor and gives you a superior vaping experience.


The Banana Ice IGET Bar offers the tropical smell of bananas with a cool menthol undercurrent, yet the flavor equation guarantees that it works impeccably. Offering the tropical smell of bananas with ice hint, this new interpretation of an old standard taste both regular and invigorating.


The Blackberry Raspberry Lemon IGET Bar catches the sweet and succulent kind of ready Blackberry Raspberry without any hint of harshness and a frigid menthol finish. With astounding flavors and an enormous limit, the IGET Bar will be there at whatever point you want it. An ever increasing number of youngsters like this in vogue electronic cigarette

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