Will he meet Kim Ha-sung, the coach who did handshake with Ohtani

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Will Benji Gil, who coached Shohei Ohtani, meet Kim Ha-sung

Will Benji Gil, who coached Shohei Ohtani, meet Kim Ha-sung.

The San Diego Padres established a new coaching staff with Bob Melvin as the head coach of the San Francisco Giants. Mike Shildt has been appointed as a new coach, and the coaching staff is being reorganized around this.

While major positions are still vacant, U.S. media NBC San Diego recommended a coaching staff to San Diego on the 1st . He recommended LA Angels coach Gil, Ron Ronnie the third base coach, and Adrian Gonzalez the batting coach for the bench coach position.

NBC San Diego said there was "no need to think" about Gill's recruitment. Gil was praised by players for his infield coaching role with the Angels. It will look good in San Diego, where there are many superstars," he said.

Gil was drafted by the Texas Rangers with the 19th overall pick in the first round in the 1991 draft. After retirement, he began his leadership career with Tomateros de Culiacán in his Mexican league, and also served as coach of the Mexican national baseball team. Since 2022, he has joined the Angels and served as a base running coach and infield coach.

He was often seen celebrating with Ohtani at the Angels. NBC San Diego also presented a video of coach Gil and Ohtani handshaking in the dugout, saying, "Ohtani and Tequila shot handshakes are really good." He also predicted that Coach Gil will boast good teamwork with star-studded players in San Diego. If coach Gil joins San Diego, he will continue his relationship with another Asian player, Kim Ha-sung.

NBC San Diego said, "Gil led Mexico to the semifinals in the World Baseball Classic (WBC). He is likely to be the first Mexican coach in the Major League. If Gil joins San Diego, it will be of great help in improving the atmosphere of the Petco Park clubhouse, which was not good a year ago," he said, insisting that San Diego should recruit coach Gil.

Coach Ronicki was selected by the Los Angeles Dodgers with the 17th overall pick in the first round in the 1977 draft. After retirement, he went through the Dodgers bench coach, Angels third base running coach and bench coach, Milwaukee Brewers coach, Boston Red Sox bench coach and manager. NBC San Diego said, "Roniki doesn't want to coach again. However, I can suggest returning to the dugout as an assistant," he said, recommending San Diego to recruit coach Roniki.

As for Gonzalez, "A lot of San Diego fans may not like signing Gonzalez. But Gonzalez is good at batting. "The recruitment of Gonzalez, who has a five-time All-Star career, seems like a pretty good idea," he said, adding that San Diego should push for Gonzalez's recruitment. 메이저사이트

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