Kim Gil-sik, the youngest leader of the K-League

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Kim Gil-sik, the youngest leader of the K-League who turned into an administrator, is trying to achieve 'system construction + overcoming prejudice' in Ansan

The past 15 months of Kim Gil-sik, who turned from Ansan Greeners to general manager, have been turbulent. We had a hard time due to the poor civic team situation as well as the player selection corruption scandal that broke out in the middle of this season. The difficult time threw a new will and goal to general manager Kim Gil-sik.

General manager Kim Gil-sik led the team as Ansan manager from January 2020 to September 2021, but his relationship seemed to be cut off as he voluntarily resigned due to poor performance. A year later, however, Ansan made a proposal as the general manager, not the manager, and he accepted after much thought. I had no choice but to have a lot of worries because I had no administrative experience.

"The owner Lee Min-geun (Mayor of Ansan) offered the general manager position," he said. People around me opposed the general manager position. This is because it may not be easy to return to the managerial position again, he said. "I thought the opposite way. "I thought that if I experienced administration, I would have a wider perspective when supervising again," he explained the background of his acceptance.

Kim Gil-sik's administrative job was not easy. At the time of the coach, he only cared about the squad, but the role of the administration was wide. There were many things to look at in many ways, including securing team sponsors, establishing a team system, and close community activities.

He said, "I went to many companies across the country as well as Ansan to get a sponsor. Unlike before, there were few companies that wanted to sponsor civic teams, and they were passive," he said. Kim Gil-sik, general manager, said, "We are constantly doing community contribution activities. For example, he tried to approach the club more friendly by opening soccer clinics frequently in the nurses in Ansan City and the Greenalls team of Ansan University's nursing student soccer team."

The most difficult thing was the corruption scandal in the selection of players that broke out in the middle of the season. The former director and CEO were arrested along with a police investigation, and there was no charge, but general manager Kim Gil-sik also had to be investigated as a reference. As a result, it was not easy to endure that the entire club members were criticized by the local community.

General manager Kim Gil-sik said, "Director Lim Kwan-sik is in charge of the site, and I made sure there are no administrative noises. It was hard because of the bad eyes of caution. I wanted all the employees to work with a sense of belonging. "I had to be careful what I said and what I did," he said.

Even during his difficult times, there was hard work. It is the establishment of a youth system. He was the first member of the club to establish a position as a youth director. Director Kim Yong-rae was appointed as a leader who studies and created a database development program. The work of persuading Ansan City until the new unfamiliar position was not easy, but he did not give up with strong conviction.

Kim Gil-sik, the general manager, said, "The club's youth management for the past seven years has been out of date. Naturally, there was no proper talent to come out. Director Kim Yong-rae was confident because he was a talented person with field and theory. In the process, there were invisible noises and doubts, but it was not a problem because I was confident," he said.

He continued, "We recently held a youth seminar with youth leaders, including director Kim Yong-rae. "It has been upgraded further because there were signs of a lot of preparation," he said.

On the one hand, "Youth need a lot of time. Even if you don't achieve it right away, you have to make something. Vision 2033, which came out when he was a full-time leader of the Korea Football Association, also took five years to achieve results. It is the secret of finishing second at the 2019 U-20 World Cup and advancing to the semifinals in the tournament four years later. Knowing this, we have no choice but to pursue it. "I want to raise the youth well and make a great player representing Ansan," he said, emphasizing patience.

The appointment of head coach Lim Kwan-sik also came from the system created by general manager Kim Gil-sik. The two were together with the Jeonnam Dragons when they were players, but they were not chosen by their relationship alone.

General manager Kim Gil-sik said, "I had a relationship with the coach when I was in Jeollanam-do, but there is a separate reason why I appointed him. You have to be passionate about the squad and match the direction of the team. Coach Lim Kwan-sik had a strong belief in his soccer as well as his passion. I explained it in detail to the owner, so I was able to get approval," he recalled.

"Coach Lim Kwan-sik is passionate, gives a lot of trust to the players, and leads by example." I have no doubt about that. I am grateful for the success of the game against Seongnam FC," said Lim Kwan-sik, who was satisfied with the possibility of soccer. 사설토토

He has a strong dream and passion for Ansan club to take a leap forward even in a difficult environment. General manager Kim Gil-sik's passion and worries are currently ongoing.

Kim Gil-sik, the general manager, said, "As it is a civic team, the environment is poor, and the finances are the same." When I have a meeting with the owner of the club, I have a different perspective from myself on the spot. I'm still thinking about how to solve it," he said in a difficult task.

His personal goal is to return to the coach, but the goal he wants to achieve in Ansan through the general manager position is clear. He wanted to make a healthy and substantial team.

Kim Gil-sik, the general manager, said, "Thanks to the seniors who succeeded as the leader, I also took this opportunity. Especially, I want to be a person who breaks prejudice. I want to challenge the field once again as a coach one day. "We are open to thoughts and know that we can have a win-win effect with each other," he said. "I will run the Ansan club well because I am the head of the current administration." Coach Lim Kwan-sik has his own football philosophy, so we have to help him a lot. In addition, I will make great efforts to help Ansan fans come next season, averaging more than 3,000 fans," he said, promising a better future for Ansan.


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