The defense without Kim Min-jae was shaken and failed to win points.

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The defense without Kim Min-jae was shaken and failed to win points.

 He played in the 4-3-3 format but took the bitter glass of defeat.

Juan and Amir Rahmani were placed in the central defense in the same way as in the first and second rounds. Victor Osimen stood on the one-top, and Hvicha Kvaratzhelia was defaulted as a left wing forward, helping to attack.

He lost a point in the 30th minute of the first half. The defense was penetrated in the penalty box. Lazio's amazing play gave up a goal. Deep in the penalty box, Luis Alberto exquisitely turned the cross that Felipe Andersson handed between the defender's legs into a right-footed backhill to score.

Napoli immediately equalised. Midfielder Piotr Zilienski, who participated in the attack, hit a right-footed mid-range shot right behind the penalty box. The ball that left Zillienski's foot deflected off the defender and opened up Lazio's goal.

They finished the first half 1–1 but lost the lead again early in the second half. Japanese midfielder Daichi Kamada, who received Andersson's pass, allowed a mid-range shot. Kamada received the ball from the center, hit it into the left side of the penalty box, and scored the winning goal with a sharp left-footed shot.

Napoli then went on a full offensive to chase but failed to tie the score. With the loss, he was ranked fourth with 2 wins, 1 loss, 6 points and three runs. The ranking is expected to fall further as some teams have three rounds left on the 3rd and 4th. It will play the fourth round away match against Genoa on the 17th and play the first Group C match of the UEFA Champions League against Sporting Braga on the 21st.



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