Kangwon, watch out for this guy...'Gimpo Crack' Juningyo "100% promotion!

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"We have a 100 percent chance of promotion."

Gimpo FC defeated Gyeongnam FC 2-1 in the Hana OneQ K League 2 2023 playoffs on December 2 at 4:30 p.m. at Gimpo Solter Soccer Field. With the win, Gimpo will play Gangwon FC, who finished 10th after drawing 0-0 with Suwon Samsung in the K League 1 final, in the relegation playoffs.

Lewis and Kim Jong-seok scored the goals, Kim Yi-seok looked good in the midfield, and Park Cheong-hyo made a solid save. You can also pick out Juningyo. He formed the attacking line with Lewis and Kim Jong-seok. With his amazing breakthrough ability, he definitely attracted the attention of the Gyeongnam defense. When Juningyo dragged the ball, the Gyeongnam defense would close in, leaving Lewis and Kim Jong-seok relatively free to create chances.

Juningyo's crazy breakthroughs continued throughout the first and second half. Even after Seol Hyun-jin was sent off, Gyeongnam continued to attack aggressively, and Gimpo capitalized on their chances by counterattacking with Juning-yo. It was a shame that they couldn't finish many times, but every time Juning-yo got the ball, the Gimpo Solter Soccer Field shook. In the end, Gimpo won and moved on to the relegation playoffs. Gimpo and Gangwon's Promotion Playoff 2 will be held on December 6 and 9 at Gimpo Solter Soccer Field and Gangneung Sports Complex, respectively.

Gangwon's top target will be Lewis, who is the top scorer in K League 2 and also scored against Gyeongnam. If he can't stop Juningyo, he's likely to suffer a serious nose injury. Gimpo's crack Jun Ning-yo is a key player who can make or break their promotion.

In an interview, Juninho said, "I expected a tough game and it was a tough game. It's important for the team to win, so I hope I can help. I'm happy to have helped. As a striker, I want to score goals, and it hurts that I had chances but didn't take them. Still, I feel good that the team won."

In the post-match press conference, coach Choi Jeong-woon praised Juningyo, but added: "He needs to improve his decision-making. We've been working on it all season," he said. Juningyo said, "It was difficult to adapt at first, but 먹튀검증 the coach helped me and gave me a lot of guidance in training, so I'm learning well. I know I don't have enough goals, and he knows it, but I want to thank him for helping me."

When asked about his aspirations ahead of the match against Gangwon, he said, "I think it will be a tough game. We will prepare hard and play with the mindset that we must win. It's a game that can go down in Gimpo history. I will not give up, prepare well with my teammates, and put all my efforts into the next matches."

When asked about their chances of winning promotion, coach Choi Jung-woon said it was 50-50, while Luis said it was 99.9%. Juningyo said, "It's 100%. I believe in my teammates, I believe in the team. We've made it this far for a reason," he said with confidence. "It's very cold, but I'm getting used to it. When I'm running, I don't think it's winter. It's like summer," he said, predicting that he will not let the cold get in the way of his performance.

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