Life Coaching Mastery - Pastor Rick's Certification

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Delve into the world of Pastor Rick, a John Maxwell Certified Life Coach, and Spiritual Motivator, imparting wisdom and values.

Pastor Rick underwent a profound transformation at the age of 24, captivated by the powerful melodies of Metallica in September 1994. Recognizing the imperative need to cast aside his former way of life, he embraced a newfound purpose, spiritual values, and faith. This pivotal second chance ignited a momentum in Pastor Rick's journey, compelling him to dedicate himself to giving back to those ensnared in cycles of destructive behavior.

In these challenging times, Pastor Rick stands as a dedicated servant leader, providing guidance not only locally but also on an international scale. He assumes the role of Pastor at Iglesia Crosspoint, a bilingual church in Bellaire, Texas, and serves as a Staff Evangelist at West University Baptist Church. Additionally, he holds the esteemed titles of John Maxwell Certified Life Coach and Spiritual Motivator. Beyond the classroom, Pastor Rick embodies the values he imparts.

The 1st Stone Recovery Support Group stands as a robust 12-week life intervention program. Geared towards young individuals, parents, and those caught in destructive cycles, this program offers enriching and impactful content aimed at transforming thought processes, provoking action, and cultivating a sense of purpose. The Support Group boldly challenges individuals to transcend the boundaries of addictive behaviors and emotional turmoil, guiding them towards a purpose-driven existence.

Covering essential topics such as Relapse Prevention, Attitude, Choices, Emotional Stability, Recovery Support, the 4 Pillars (King/Queen, Warrior, Mentor, Friend), and a robust Spiritual Foundation, the program accepts referrals from state institutions, courts, and the community. Each referral undergoes a meticulous case-by-case evaluation. Successful graduates are awarded a certificate of completion, with the service provided free of charge for each student accepted into the 1st Stone Support Recovery Group program.

Upon graduation, each 1st Stone graduate is appointed a mentor for six months, facilitating the application of acquired knowledge to real-life scenarios. All classes are conducted exclusively in person, fostering a close-knit community, and are conducted solely in the Spanish language.

For inquiries or enrollment, connect with Pastor Rick at (832) 840-2066 via text or call.

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