How to Become an SPG Commando: A Detailed Guide

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Discover the pathway to becoming an SPG Commando, including the rigorous selection process, training requirements, and key skills needed for this elite role.

The Special Protection Group (SPG) is an elite security force in India, responsible for the protection of the Prime Minister, former Prime Ministers, and their immediate families. Becoming an SPG commando is a highly prestigious and challenging endeavor, demanding exceptional physical and mental prowess. This guide provides a comprehensive overview of the process to become an SPG commando.


The SPG commandos are known for their discipline, skill, and commitment to their duty. Aspiring to join this elite force means preparing for one of the most demanding roles in the security field.

Eligibility and Selection Criteria

Basic Eligibility

  • Indian citizenship.
  • Aged between 21 and 35 years.
  • Excellent physical and mental health.

Professional Background

  • Typically, members are selected from various Indian armed forces and central armed police forces.
  • A minimum of three years of service is usually required.

Physical Standards

  • Specific criteria for height, weight, and physical fitness.
  • Excellent vision and hearing.

Selection Process

Physical Fitness Test

  • Rigorous tests including running, obstacle courses, and strength exercises.

Psychological Evaluation

  • Tests to assess mental robustness, stress handling, and decision-making skills.

Medical Examination

  • Comprehensive medical check-up to ensure fitness for duty.


  • A panel assesses candidates' motivation, awareness, and communication skills.


Basic Training

  • Intensive physical fitness and combat training.
  • Advanced weapons handling and marksmanship.

Specialized Modules

  • VIP protection tactics and techniques.
  • Counter-terrorism and counter-surveillance measures.
  • Emergency response and first aid.

Continuous Skill Development

  • Regular training updates and refresher courses.

Key Skills and Attributes

  • Unwavering dedication and discipline.
  • Exceptional physical fitness and combat skills.
  • Ability to work under extreme stress and maintain composure.
  • Strong teamwork and leadership qualities.

Application Process

  • Keep an eye on official announcements from the SPG or the relevant armed forces.
  • The selection is typically internal, from within the armed forces and police.

Career Growth and Opportunities

  • Opportunities for advancement within the SPG.
  • Specialized training programs for skill enhancement.
  • Prestigious and highly respected position in the security domain.


Joining the SPG as a commando is a noble and challenging pursuit, requiring a blend of physical prowess, mental strength, and unwavering commitment. The journey is rigorous, but for those who succeed, it offers the chance to serve at the highest level of national security. As an SPG commando, you will not only protect key national figures but also represent the pinnacle of professionalism and dedication in India's security forces.

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