Underwater Scuba and Scooter Tour

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Underwater Scuba and Scooter is a new, fun way to experience the ocean................................................

Underwater Scuba and Scooter is a new, fun way to experience the ocean without all the equipment of traditional scuba diving. The tour gives you the freedom to explore underwater while breathing normally. You are seated on your Scuba/Scooter, with your head and shoulders in a 180-degree water-free clear dome and your air is constantly being replenished from a scuba tank enabling you to breathe normally throughout your tour!

You will ride PANORAMIC ONE- a futuristic three-meter long boat that has been fitted with a glass bottom so you can look at all the fish swimming beneath your feet. The boat also comes with all the safety measures (communication, lifejackets, etc.) and snacks. You will travel through the coral reef to appreciate and enjoy the flora, fauna, and marine environment. This tour lasts 30 minutes and can accommodate up to 20 people.

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