5 Reasons Why PVC Patches Are the Most Durable Patches

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The prime ingredient of PVC is polyvinyl chloride, or you could say PVC is the latter’s abbreviation.

It is a synthetic polymer of plastic that is not only sturdy but also quite flexible, more like a rubber. Besides, its ability to mold and turn into beautifully elaborated shapes has engrossed numerous patch manufacturers around the world to utilize its strength for proficient purposes.

Custom PVC patches are also an option for all the patch variety admirers, so to speak; however, we are precisely focusing on the durability aspect of PVC patches.

Check Out the Reasons for PVC Patches Are the Most Durable Patches

Resistant to Moisture or Dampness

Water is essential in many ways, literally in healthy ones; nevertheless, it does not always prove functional. We mean, if it stays somewhere for long or comes along with chemicals or dirt, it can really damage the targeted area. You might have heard how moisture provokes the growth of bacteria if your apparel absorbs and retains for long.

PVC patches are dearest in this case because they resist water at all costs. If you have one or multiple on your outfits or accessories, you are going to relish some water-proof aspects. Moreover, it aids in not absorbing stains, making them one of the most durable materials for patches.

Fights Ignition

The manufacturers of firefighters’ uniforms prefer PVC patches because they resist the fire well. The chemistry of PVC, including chlorine within the polymer matrix and the formation of a carbonized product, helps in delaying the ignition process. Moreover, this resistant feature is valuable in the holdup of both starting and spreading the fire.

Even if you are not a fireman or a firewoman, you can still enjoy the durability of PVC patches. You can attach them to various accessories or nearby places where there are higher probabilities of fire. Also, as we gave a slight hint earlier, you can opt for customized patch designs for firefighters’ outfits.

Weather Defiant

Now, let’s see what kinds of weather are worth mentioning here. We should state the usual ones, like cold, rain, heat, thunderstorm, sandstorm, or just a strong wind. Some of these have the intense ability to cause destruction, particularly to your clothes. But when PVC patches are on, they will exhibit their faithfulness because of their durability.

This is because if they are resistant to water, they will surely not tear because of rainwater. Moreover, PVC is both cold and heat-defiant, perfect for use in any kind of temperature outside. We recommend you try them for elongated road trips and hiking in the mountains.

Ability to Retain Color and Texture

PVC patches will never let colors or texture fade away, in case you show inappropriate aggression to paint another hue on them. Nevertheless, they can prove themselves to be aesthetically pleasing for a really long time. This is best for you in terms of saving money and not buying patches on a repetitive basis.

Furthermore, the same is true with the custom patches that you can purchase from well-known creators and sellers in the USA, including ThePatchio. However, you should make sure to review the feedback of previous customers on all such platforms and make sure they use original polyvinyl chloride material.

Resistant to Chemicals

Let’s commence thinking about how chemicals can interact with PVC patches. The most common answer is detergents. The latter is a must for the washing procedure, and the interaction is possible every now and then. However, the quality of PVC stays integral, acknowledging it as a durable patch material.

Also, it is immune to numerous corroding agents, encapsulating salts, alkalis, and inorganic acids. You should not fret when your PVC patches intermingle with aromatic-free petrol, oils, fats, and multiple sorts of alcohol. Nonetheless, there are some exceptions.

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