Unlocking the Power of Heung Min Son's Player Card in FC 24: A Comprehensive Guide

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Discover the exciting journey of South Korean professional footballer Son Heung-min in FC 24, and learn how to collect his highly-rated player card. Explore Son's career milestones as a forward for Premier League club Tottenham Hotspur and his remarkable international record. Gain in

Introduction About Heung Min Son


Son Heung-min, a South Korean professional footballer born on 8 July 1992, is a force to be reckoned with in the world of football. Known for his explosive speed, finishing moves, and two-footedness, Son has carved out a distinct legacy for himself as a forward for Premier League club Tottenham Hotspur, as well as the South Korean national team. His skills and sportsmanship have earned him the title of one of the best players globally, and he is widely considered the greatest Asian footballer of all time.

Son's journey to the top was a testament to his determination and passion for the sport. Born in Chuncheon, Gangwon Province, he moved to Germany at 16 to join Hamburger SV. He made his Bundesliga debut in 2010, and by 2013, he had signed with Bayer Leverkusen for a club record €10 million. Two years later, Son moved to Tottenham for £22 million, making him the most expensive Asian player in history. Since his time at Tottenham, Son has set numerous records, including becoming the top Asian goalscorer in both Premier League and Champions League history, and scoring his 200th goal in all competitions in the Premier League and Bundesliga in October 2023.

Apart from his club career, Son has an impressive international record. He has represented South Korea in three FIFA World Cups (2014, 2018, and 2022) and is the joint top scorer for his country at World Cups. He also participated in the 2018 Asian Games, where the team won gold, and three editions of the AFC Asian Cup. His contributions to football have not only earned him accolades but also made him a symbol of national pride in South Korea. In June 2022, Son received the Cheongnyong Medal, the highest order of merit for achievements in sports given to a South Korean citizen. His success has also significantly raised Tottenham Hotspur's profile among South Korean football fans, reinforcing his status as a trailblazer for Asian footballers worldwide.

Heung Min Son's Inform card

Heung Min Son's Inform card presents him as a formidable Left Wing player with an impressive overall rating of 89. The card highlights his commendable attributes such as a pace rating of 89, shooting rating of 91, passing rating of 84, dribbling rating of 86, defense rating of 45, and a physicality rating of 73. As a winger, the card accentuates Son's sharp attacking prowess. His high pace and shooting ratings make him an invaluable asset, capable of swiftly tearing apart the opposing team's defense and seizing scoring opportunities. His solid passing and dribbling skills further enhance his offensive capabilities, allowing him to effectively seal the deal in any game.


How to Obtain Heung Min Son's Player Card

There are several ways to acquire FC24 coins, each with its own unique set of benefits and potential drawbacks. One of the most common methods is by purchasing card packs. This method, however, is largely based on luck and the probability of obtaining the desired Inform card is relatively low. The uncertainty associated with this method can sometimes lead to disappointment.

Another method to get FC24 coins is by completing Squad Building Challenges (SBC) tasks. These tasks, if completed successfully, might reward you with Heung Min Son's Inform card. However, the complexity of these tasks can sometimes be daunting and may require a significant amount of time and effort.

Lastly, you can directly purchase the Inform card from the transfer market. This method is straightforward, but the cost can be prohibitive. With the current market price hovering around 0.59 million UT Coins, this method can be quite expensive for some players. Therefore, while each method has its own merits, they also come with potential drawbacks that players should consider.


Fastest Ways to Earn FC 24 Coins


Traditionally, gamers could accumulate FC 24 Coins by selling player cards, completing weekly objectives, or engaging in the Draft mode. However, these methods often fall short for those aiming to buy high-quality player cards such as Heung Min Son's Inform card due to the time-consuming nature of these activities.

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