How did 4g vehicle gps tracker run out of power in a day?

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4g vehicle gps tracker

The 4g vehicle gps tracker is disconnected from the car's power supply and can run independently on the device's built-in battery. However, the battery power of the device is also limited and cannot be used continuously. Still, wireless devices can be used for quite some time.

However, recently, a friend asked why his 4g vehicle gps tracker was out of power for a day?

Although the 4g vehicle gps tracker battery power is limited, under normal circumstances, the device battery power will not be exhausted within a day. If the battery is charged for a day, it's gone. Then the first can be considered is improper use of equipment; Second, there are some problems with the equipment itself.

Generally, in order to extend the power use time of wireless devices, we will use the working mode of uploading positioning data once a day, and the device is in a dormant state most of the time, so the power consumed by the device is very small. However, if the battery power of the device itself is very small, the user also sets the working mode of real-time positioning, and even repeatedly tests the function of the device within a day, it is likely to lead to the power loss of the device within a day.

Of course, if the user does not make improper use of the device, you can consider that there is a problem with the device itself, or the battery of the device itself is out of power. If the device is newly purchased, it is recommended to contact the merchant directly to replace the new positioning device.

4g vehicle gps tracker

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