Genshin Impact 4.4 Guide: Obtain Dark Iron Sword in Chenyu Vale

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In Genshin Impact 4.4, players can explore the new Chenyu Vale region to acquire the elusive Dark Iron Sword. This 3-star rarity weapon enhances elemental mastery and ATK during elemental reactions. To obtain it in Chenyu Vale, players should teleport to Mount Lingmeng, go to Wangshan Hall

In the latest Genshin Impact 4.4 update, players can now explore the newly unveiled Chenyu Vale region, offering a fresh opportunity to acquire an additional copy of the elusive Dark Iron Sword. Despite being a 3-star rarity weapon, the Dark Iron Sword is considered rare within the game. This guide is designed to assist players in obtaining the Dark Iron Sword within the newly accessible Chenyu Vale.

Overview of the Dark Iron Sword:

  • The Dark Iron Sword is a coveted 3-star weapon in Genshin Impact, initially obtainable by conversing with Chen the Sharp in Liyue Harbor. This sword not only enhances elemental mastery but also amplifies ATK when triggering various elemental reactions such as overloaded, electro-charged, superconduct, and more.

Steps to Acquire the Dark Iron Sword in Chenyu Vale:

  1. Begin by teleporting to Mount Lingmeng and venturing into Wangshan Hall.To obtain the Dark Iron Sword in Chenyu Vale, start by teleporting to Mount Lingmeng. From there, head to Wangshan Hall on the right side and make your way to the library. Once inside a spacious room, find a common chest near the broken pillars on the south wall. Interact with the chest to acquire the second copy of the Dark Iron Sword.

Next, you'll need to unlock Wangshan Hall by approaching the entrance and engaging in a conversation with a representative of the Guhua Martial Arts School. Agree to wait for Huang the Third, who will accompany you into the hall after you complete two simple tasks. These tasks will take you to various locations, including the library.

In the library, solve a puzzle to lower the water levels by placing four scriptures on the correct shelves using elemental sight. Then, proceed to the middle of the chamber and touch the engraved inscription to initiate a trial. Follow the cave path, interact with the ancient sword, and complete the process to obtain the Dark Iron Sword.

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