Solskjaer's top 11 picks for the new season

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Kim Min Jae out, Maguire in. The possibility of seeing a center-back combination of Eric Dier and Harry Maguire at Bayern Munich has been raised outside of England.

The possibility of seeing a center-back combination of Eric Dier and Harry Maguire at Bayern Munich has been raised outside of England.

"If Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is appointed manager of Munich, he could bring in a new player from Manchester United," The Sun reported on Tuesday (June 20).

Solskjaer first came into the spotlight as a manager in 2018, when United sacked Jose Mourinho and handed the club's "legend" an interim role.

Solskjaer's impact was immense. It's hard to believe that he was appointed in the middle of the season, and the results have been great. Solskjaer's arrival was a ray of light for United, who had been in a dark period since the retirement of Alex Ferguson.

Mourinho was appointed as the official manager before the end of the season. He signed a three-year contract. Solskjaer said: "It's a great honor to be a United player and to start a new chapter as manager. I had a fantastic experience as interim manager. I would like to thank all the players and the coaching staff," he said.

But as soon as he took over as head coach, it went downhill. The 토토사이트 cool-headed form of his interim stint was all but gone, as United finished sixth in the league in 2018-19 and failed to qualify for the UEFA Champions League (UCL).

The team had a moderately successful season in 2019-20, finishing third in the league and punching their ticket to the UCL, and in 2020-21, they finished second in the league, just behind leaders Manchester City, and had hopes of winning the title. However, up-and-down performances and weakness against lower-ranked teams remained a problem.

In 2021-22, Mourinho appeared to be challenging for the title with the signings of Rafael Varane, Jadon Sancho, and Cristiano Ronaldo, but public opinion quickly turned against him after a 0-5 thrashing at Liverpool in the ninth round, and a 1-4 defeat at Watford in the 12th round, which forced him to leave the club in disgrace.

Mourinho has been in the wilderness for about three years now. Recently, he has been rumored to be heavily linked with a move to Munich to replace Thomas Tuchel, who has been mired in a severe slump. According to Germany's Sky Sports, "Munich sporting director Christoph Freund has a surprising name in mind. Solskjaer. But he is more of a temporary solution," reported Sky Sports.

Along with the news of Solskjaer's appointment, the best 11 was also revealed. The Sun named Maguire, Aaron Wan-Bissaka, David De Gea, Jadon Sancho, and others in the list, adding that "if he stays in Munich for the long term, he could bring in United talent to help shape a new Munich."

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