Complete Guide: Flashback Angel Correa SBC - Costs & Rewards

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The article introduces the Flashback Angel Correa Squad Building Challenge in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team. The SBC offers a 93-rated card with impressive attributes. The requirements include a minimum team overall rating of 86 and the inclusion of at least one player from Argentina. Completing t


Excitement builds around the Team of the Season event as EA Sports introduces a fresh Squad Building Challenge (SBC) to Ultimate Team. This time, it's Atletico Madrid's attacker Angel Correa who's in the spotlight with a special Flashback version of his card.

Players have the chance to add this impressive Flashback card of Angel Correa to their Ultimate Team rosters by completing the newly released SBC.

In Ultimate Team's latest SBC, Angel Correa of Atletico Madrid has received a significant upgrade with an eye-catching Flashback card.

Reflecting on his outstanding performance during the FIFA 21 Team of the Season, Correa's new Flashback item boasts a 93 overall rating. This includes remarkable attributes such as 93 pace, 92 shooting, 89 passing, 95 dribbling, and 86 physical, promising to enhance any Ultimate Team lineup.

Flashback Angel Correa SBC Overview

The forward brings a dynamic edge to the game with his enhanced Rapid+, Trivela+, and Flair+ abilities, ensuring he's a formidable technical player on the attack. Additionally, his versatility shines through as he's adept at playing in multiple positions including Center Forward (CF), Right Midfield (RM), and Right Wing (RW).

This Argentine player would undoubtedly be a valuable asset to any Ultimate Team lineup. Moreover, the Squad Building Challenge (SBC) to acquire him appears to be quite straightforward!

SBC Requirements and Rewards

To successfully complete the Flashback Angel Correa SBC, players must ensure their starting lineup meets the following criteria:

  • Include at least one player from Argentina.
  • Achieve a minimum team overall rating of 86.

For the Squad:

  • Carefully select and organize your players to fulfill these requirements while considering chemistry and position to create a balanced and high-performing team.


  • Receive a Premium Electrum Players Pack


  • Incorporate at least one player from LA LIGA EA SPORTS into your starting lineup
  • Ensure your squad includes a minimum of one TOTS or TOTW player
  • Maintain a minimum team overall rating of 87

Team Composition:

The prize for completing the challenge is a Jumbo Premium Gold Pack.

Costs & Verdict

Upon successfully submitting the required squads, Flashback Angel Correa can be acquired for your Ultimate Team at the exceptional value of just 100,000 coins.

Considering the quality of the player you receive, this Squad Building Challenge (SBC) is quite cost-effective, and we suggest you take advantage of it.

Are you planning to integrate Flashback Angel Correa into your Ultimate Team lineup? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section!

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