How does AOL Desktop Gold affect AOL Mail experience?

AOL is an American web portal and online service provider based in New York City. ... AOL Mail – AOL Mail is AOL's proprietary email client.


While most of us prefer using those services that come free of cost, paid services have their own perks and benefits. Isn't it? Well, Paid services definitely have something in addition to the features that are included in the free service and this is the reason why you have to pay for gaining access to these additional benefits. A similar is the case with AOL mail.

Although a lot of users are already using this mail service without paying any charge, they do offer paid services as well. Yes, that's true. One of the paid services of AOL is known by the name, of AOL desktop Gold. And just like other paid services, it also comes with some added features that may not be available to users otherwise.

Why choose AOL Desktop Gold?

There are a plethora of perks and benefits that are brought to you by AOL Desktop Gold software. It not only affects your AOL mail experience but also affects your overall experience with other services offered by AOL.

This software comes into action when browsing through the web, playing any games, or sending emails to your friends or family. With this software comes speed, seamlessness, and reliability which definitely aims to enhance user experience.

That's not all, you also do not need to install the software updates manually because the software installs its updates automatically which is another reason why people love using this platform so much. Moving on, let us now learn how this software is going to enhance your email experience on AOL Mail.

Get a streamlined experience with AOL desktop Gold 

Coming back to the focal point of this article, Desktop Gold does a great job for all AOL mail users. So, if you ever get the opportunity to use this fantastic software, here is what you are going to get with it:

  • Get a customized mailing experience:With this software by your side, you can customize the fonts in your email, change their color, add links, and do much more 
  • Say no spam emails:With its anti-phishing features, you can easily side-step spam emails from reaching and overcrowding your inbox 
  • Export/import personal data:Yes, that's true. While using AOL mail with this software, you can easily send or receive personal files and other data to your email account 

To Sum Up: 

To summarize this article, we can say that AOL Desktop Gold is a top-notch product that is developed by AOL to give you a more personalized emailing experience. Whether you are a newcomer or you have already been using AOL mail for a long, you can avail of the Desktop Gold services anytime.

To use this, all you need to do is install the AOL desktop Gold software on your device, pay its subscription charges, and get started with it. We hope this article helped you learn something new and you'd definitely use its 30-day free trial to ensure whether or not it does what it says.