Comprehensive Guide To AR/VR Gaming

Virtual reality (VR) and Augmented reality (AR) are the two most advanced and favorable technologies that make a special position in the world by storm.


AR and VR in gaming made a successful mark of sophisticated and engaging technology for gaming industries. The video game industry is getting the next steps with augmented reality and virtual reality applications. Due to this, the gaming industries make new dimensions in the industries. Many enterprises are trying to their fortune to become AR/VR game development companies and make a profit.


What is AR gaming?
Augmented Reality or AR is building up a real work by using a digitally produced perceptual world. Contrary to VR, AR uses common tools such as mobile devices and superimposed images like characters on top of a camera viewer or videos in a game.


What is VR gaming?
Virtual Reality is used as a multi-sensor digitally generated world that experiences a well-interacted virtual system. Game industries widely use VR technology to give a real-world experience to gamers.


AR gaming vs. VR gaming
The primary difference between AR gaming and VR gaming is that in Virtual Reality user is visually diverted from the real world. On other hand with Augmented Reality users can still experience and navigate the real world.

AR games can be played through smartphones or dedicated devices. This device can feel a fully immersive experience by showing the game visually in 3D from a player’s point of view. This dedicated device is such as Microsofts HoloLens, Meta Quest Pro, etc.


AR/VR game development tools
1. Blender
Blender is one of the popular and free open-source AR/VR game development tools. Many times these tools are also used for creating animated films, visual effects, visual art, 3D applications, and video games.


2. Unity
Unity 3D is the most famous cross-platform game engine and is widely used for developing VR games with a direct VR mode to preview in a Head-Mounted Display. Unity 3D offers a more easy user interface and supports more than 25 platforms.


3. Sketchup
Sketchup is a 3D modeling program with a low learning curve providing a full drawing application used such as architectural projects, interior design, landscape architecture, film and video games design, etc. It has in-built tutorials and a library of free 3D models.


Type of AR gaming
Real-time strategy games
Multiplayer games
Virtual character simulator games

Types of VR gaming
FPS shooting games
Racing games
Horror games
Adventure games
City-building games

Bottom line

The future of video gaming is explicitly connected to AR and VR. From developing simulations to problem-solving, AR and VR technology can help easily game development companies to become more advanced in their field. It’s called Mixed Really or MR that quite more attractive and excepting to experience embedded real-world objects.

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