How to find your crypto address on Coinbase Pro?

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Among the several crypto trading exchanges, Coinbase is one of the prominent names which has been able to establish trust among users.

The functionality of this platform that fascinates crypto traders is the interface which welcomes both novice and active traders. So whether you are a crypto influencer or about to hit the path of a crypto trading journey, you’ll find the platform quite friendly to you.

You might be curious to know, how is it possible? How a newcomer and a regular trader, both can get satisfied with Coinbase’s trading facilities? 

Well! Don’t get bewildered, it is possible and I’ll tell you how. It is possible with two separate trading exchanges under one platform in which one Coinbase is suitable for greenhorns and the other Coinbase Pro which is now available as Advance Trade facilitate seasoned traders.

Using these platforms, you can buy, sell, send, receive or exchange cryptocurrencies in one place.

Do you want to send crypto assets? You can do it easily with the help of a crypto address, and if you don’t know where you can find this address, follow the read further as we will wind up the complete method to do so.

Locate the crypto address on Coinbase Pro

Before heading towards the process make sure that you are finding an address for a crypto that is tradable on Coinbase Pro. Afterwards, follow the pathways mentioned further to find the address.

Steps to undergo to find out the crypto address on web

  1. First of all, open the web page of Coinbase Pro and sign in there.
  2. Now, go to the profile identicon and hit the “Manage your profile” button.
  3. Pick up the “crypto addresses” option from the prompted menu.
  4. Here you will see a list of numerous assets, if you are not able to see the specific crypto, you can set the filters accordingly.
  5. After this, navigate to the asset row and pick up the “Copy” icon from the “Actions” column.
  6. This action will display the QR code and crypto address below, so copy the address from there.

Steps to undergo to find out the crypto address on mobile

  1. After the Coinbase Pro login, pick up the “Receive” tab from the menu.
  2. Here you’ll see the list of default assets; you should press the “Assets” button to display all the tradable assets.
  3. Navigate to your preferred asset and click on it.
  4. This will display a QR code and a crypto address under the code.
  5. Tap the button “Copy” in the crypto address section to copy the address.

Bottom Line!

To sum up, you can only locate the address for assets which are supported by Coinbase Pro for trading. If you want to know if the asset address that you are looking for is tradable or not, you can go to the “Explore page” of Coinbase pro where you’ll see a button “Tradable”. After clicking that you can see the list of assets which are tradable on Coinbase Pro. After getting the notion, you can follow this read to locate your crypto address in a mobile or web browser.

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