Choosing a Solar LED Street Light

The article talks about Choosing a Solar LED Street Light


Solar LED Street Light


A solar LED street light is an excellent choice for rural areas where the cost of electricity is high. These lights are environmentally friendly, and require little to no maintenance. The light provided by these solar lights is consistent and uniform, so you won’t have to worry about glare. Choosing the right type of solar street light depends on your preferences and budget. The following are a few considerations to consider when purchasing a solar street lamp.


The first and foremost consideration is lighting distribution. A typical street light manufacturer can produce up to 2500 lumens, which is equivalent to two standard 65-watt fluorescent lights or three standard 300-watt incandescent lights. These solar street lights can be installed outdoors and will remain functional in all weather conditions. In addition to being energy-efficient, they are waterproof, which makes them a great choice for areas where there is an incline or a drop in the temperature.


Next, the type of battery is essential. If the light is aimed at the street, a type V rectangular distribution is best. If it is directed at a small entrance, a type I square distribution will be best. Otherwise, a circular distribution is best. A general rule to follow is to purchase the highest-quality battery and assembly. Lastly, choose a light fixture that is easy to install, compact, and reliable.


Choosing a Solar LED Street Light


Among the many types of solar LED street lights, the ECO-WORTHY model is the most popular and reliable. The product uses extra-large solar panels, which measure 15 inches by 40 inches. With this type of solar street light, a single day of energy harvest can power the light for up to four days. This is the best choice for outdoor lighting applications. It is also highly durable and is available in several sizes.


When choosing a solar street light, you need to consider the battery capacity as well as the light fixture. It is important to buy a light fixture from the same manufacturer as the solar assembly, and look for the same lifespan. Longer life is better! The type of lighting distribution will determine the cost of the entire system. For small lights, a type V rectangle distribution will provide adequate illumination. And, of course, size will also play a crucial role.


In addition to being energy efficient, solar street lights also have a number of other advantages. Their brightness is very high, reaching up to 2500 lumens. This is comparable to a 300-watt incandescent light. They are waterproof, and do not need any hardwire links. A solar street light can last for decades, and you don’t have to worry about its durability. This means that they will last for many years.