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Though this site is banned by Google in some countries, people from many other countries can still access and use it

Tamilrasigan is known to be one of the greatest torrent sites in the whole world. It offers all the latest released movies in HD prints to the users. Users can find movies from all the industries on this website such as Bollywood, Hollywood, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and also before any other torrent site. It has an Apk which allows the users to download its app as it's always better to use the app. It also has many amazing features which attracts more users towards it. But as this website is torrent, it faces many blocks and privacy issues which leads to people not able to access its website and download the movies. 


Though this site is banned by Google in some countries, people from many other countries can still access and use it. So if you are someone who is facing issues accessing the website and want to download movies from it, then we got you covered. As you scroll down this article, you will find out details of all the steps to download and access the website on both mobile and desktop. 


How to access tamilrasigan website for movie download on Mobile and Desktop?


As you already know now that Tamil Rasigan is a torrent website and a video piracy site which is illegal in most of the countries. So for the issues related to privacy, the site has to face various blocks and this is the reason why people from many countries can not access the website. But you need not to worry as below we have mentioned all the steps that you can follow to access its website on mobile and desktop. 


  1. Steps to download it on mobile-


  1. Firstly, you need to download a VPN app which will help you to change your location. You can just download any of the best recommended VPN apps on the internet and use it on your android device.


  1. As you have downloaded the VPN app, open it and change the location to the United States of America. After this, check if the IP address is changed.


  1. If the IP address is changed, go to the official movie download website of tamilrasigan where you will get complete access to its website and so now you can choose to download any movie.


  1. Steps to download the website on desktop are-


  1. If you are a desktop user or want to access the site on desktop, then you might use Chrome browser only. If not, then firstly download it.


  1. Unlike for mobile we downloaded a VPN app, here for the desktop it's different as we need to install a VPN extension now.


  1. The best recommended VPN extension is TunnelBear as it does not require any registration and is very easy to use. So just download it and after the installation is completed, set up a VPN and change the location to the United States of America. 


  1. And now after connecting it to the IP address, just go to the official website of tamilrasigan and you are good to download the movies that you like.



Tamilrasigan is a torrent website which features almost all the Tamil movies and songs. It also allows the users to download movies from the website for absolutely free. But as it is a torrent website and there are privacy issues, users find it difficult sometimes to download the movies. So above in this article, we have provided details of the steps that you can follow to easily access its website. So just follow the steps and you are set to go.

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