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Hoodies are a type of clothing that has now entered the fashion industry and many have added it in their wardrobe collection. They are practical to wear in the winter when it's cold and when you don't want to the hassle of wearing a bulky coat. Hoodies fog essentials hoodie in the 1990's when young skateboarders started the trend, since then it has become increasingly popular with youngsters and is now spreading to the older generation. The idea to customise your own hoodie has become increasingly popular and is now a fashion trend whereas before they were worn for practicality.

Custom hoodies can be designed with any logo or statement with your choice of lettering and colours to show off their individualism. To customise your own hoodie means making a fashion statement, being able to express yourself and show off your personality. They are inexpensive way for men and women to stand out among the masses with a variety of colours and styles available to them. People can design a hoodie for a custom look that helps them stay warm and stylish at the same time.

Custom hoodies can also be used for a company or even for a sports team. Many businesses have customised hoodies to advertise their company and would distribute them in charity events and outings to create brand awareness.essentials shirt be thought through when the hoodies are being distributed for example if it's in the summer, it may not be such a good idea as it will not be worn. Some of the best events to distribute them include sports events and school events this is because usually the crowd is full of youngsters and they are accompanied by their parents and relatives, therefore the brand is exposed to more than one age group and this proves to be beneficial for the company.

As discussed earlier clothing items make a fashion statement, so it is important for the hoodie to appeal to the market for example the company logo not being placed appropriately will make the hoodie unattractive and therefore it is essential for the company to ensure that it looks attractive, another reason is that it may not have an affective impact on people and may affect the company's reputation. However if it looks attractive people would wear it which will result in an increase in brand popularity.

Therefore hoodies have spread from teenagers to children, and now the older generation. for a company to use customised hoodies in order to promote their business helps massively as it is an item of clothing that is increasingly becoming popular across the market and will attract potential customers. There is a wide variety of options available to companies such as embroidery and screen printing in order to make it as appealing to potential customers as they can.

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